Freshsoko classifieds

Freshsoko Classifieds

We are an online classifieds marketplace where our goal is to promote the buying and selling of secondhand items or brand new ones on a versatile online platform.

We believe that the Online Classifieds format needs an entire revamp. Instead of a straight post-it-and-run marketplace we believe that social selling/buying elements are becoming crucial.

Our aim is to add the "social" in "Social Online Classifieds". This is just a start. As we continue improving our offering we hope that it will be of tremendous to you whether you are a buyer or seller. Buy-and-sell should not be boring at all; it should be joyful and connective in nature.

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Kaunda St, Nairobi, Kenya

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Founder : Paul Kariuki

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Freshsoko Classifieds


Contact Person: Paul Kariuki, Founder
Kaunda St, Nairobi, Kenya

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