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Invoice Office

Invoice Office is an all-in-one invoicing and time tracking solution for small and mid-sized companies and freelancers. The software is very intuitive and easy to use for everyone, regardless of your accounting or administration skills. With a focus on your business needs and processes, all the s...



Netherlands ( NL )

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Wuzzon is a leading App Growth Agency in the Netherlands. We provide expert guidance throughout every stage of your app's growth journey. Whether you are about to launch, pursuing scalable growth, or aiming to boost engagement, consider it covered with our comprehensive solutions. Catching smiles is...


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A local SEO tool to optimise your Google Business Profile local listings for multi-location SEO. With GMBapi.com, you can monitor this important part of your customer journey with ease. Track your local customer engagements, manage and monitor your local reputation (with some help of AI), deploy a l...


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vBoxx is a comprehensive European hosting company offering a variety of services to meet the digital needs of businesses globally. Their product range includes secure cloud solutions like vBoxxCloud for business file storage, vBoxxConnect for business communication tools, and vBoxxVault, a versatile...


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Marvelution is a software development company based in Assendelft, Netherlands. We develop software to optimize the software development processes, particularly focusing on developing add-ons for Atlassian products. Our flagship product, the Jenkins Integration for Jira app, provides a best-in-c...


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HOOG.design NL

HOOG.design is the online platform for exclusive living and garden inspiration. Top architects, professionals, and consumers come together for the most beautiful projects in the high-end segment. Explore the most beautiful interior views and projects created by architects, interior architects, and l...


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MIAX Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency for sustainable brands, companies, and entrepreneurs in The Netherlands. We innovate and develop your online marketing based on 'design thinking. With MIAX, we share our love for trends, design, code, and the latest innovations in the field of online marketing, branding, ...


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Investorean is a stock screening and analytics platform that provides worldwide data for traders and investors. One specific feature that makes it unique is that you can get exclusive insights applicable to your broker. Instead of searching across all tickers, list only the ones that are actually tr...


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My IT Crew

Outsourcing your IT is about more than just fixing your technology when it breaks. You need an IT partner who can be proactive in solving your issues, but, even more importantly, you need someone you can trust to assist you in making decisions that align technology with your business objectives, whe...


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Datahive360 – the unified data management platform built for data-driven marketers, digital analysts, CMOs, and marketing teams. We believe in the power of data-inspired marketing, where organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the value of data. To realize this vision, w...


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Lifestyle Monitors

Lifestyle Monitors develops and sells stress and lifestyle monitoring tools designed for use at home, on the road, at work, or during sports. In addition to being used by numerous consumers, our products are also highly regarded among medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, psych...


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We deployed our research-grade neural networks for SEO link building in 2021. We trained the model with 15 test clients, and the results were mind-blowing. No more brainstorming for innovative and creative strategies to build authoritative backlink profiles. The days of comprehensive link profile...


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At Chosify, we help e-commerce brands achieve the best customer experience. We help them solve the difficult decisions their customers face when they have to choose out of a bunch of similar products. Chosify connects questions to products with a guided selling solution and gives the best recommenda...


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AlisQI is an easy to implement and integrate, flexible and cloud based Quality Management platform. We enable manufacturing companies to make their Quality Management data driven, automated and omnipresent. More than 70 factories worldwide use our platform for Quality Control, Quality Assurance and ...


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WeMeet is a platform focused on the rental and letting of special locations. Are you looking for exclusive meeting rooms or something more affordable? Rural or in the city? With WeMeet, you can book a space online and contribute to the preservation of special buildings. With the convenient WeM...


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BRXS is a fractionalized real estate investment platform where you can easily invest in rental properties, earn passive income from rent, and benefit from appreciation. On our platform, everyone can learn about real estate, discuss and discover opportunities with other members, invest with their ...


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