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We will be conducting a site-wide review of all startups starting on the 11th, March 2024. This is meant to improve the relevance of the startup data that is stored on our systems. - Localmote Support

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We recommend every startup or business owner joining the platform to fill in the full relevant information plus a relevant logo for their submission.

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We know getting your startup right before your target audience online can be a major hustle for you as a founder. Where do you get that audience? How do you reach it? Which site will be appropriate for posting it? And so on... That's why we created Localmote; for startup founders just like you.

And you are just on the right path of listing your startup here. We give you the ability to add your startup listing, a link to the landing page of your startup, a logo upload plus some images of your choice that will showcase your business in the best light.

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Our Selection Criteria...

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Over the years our startup database has grown from a few local startups to more than 2,000 startups based all over the world. On our inception we had a rather lax moderation criteria but with the increasing listings we have been progressively tightening our moderation rules.

Our main rule is that we love interesting startups. Thus when adding your startup aim to post the most interesting aspect of it. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) needs to bang right off the bat! Look at it this way: you are selling to us and to Localmote's visitors. Fashion your startup description along the lines of an Elevator Pitch. What would you say your startup does if you were to chance upon a potential VC?

Now if your startup listing's description reads like:

  • • an adertisement,
  • • a run-off-the-mill startup description,
  • spam,
  • • typical sales copy then,

...chances of your startup passing our reviews are close to nil.

Over the years we have been moving strongly towards a Tech Startup Ecosystem so businesses like dental clinics, law firms, schools, basic stores, salons may not pass our moderation net.

Other triggers that may make your startup/business fail our reviews are:

  • • no attached logo (this really should be obvious),
  • • a free company email like (Gmail, Yahoo accounts),
  • • short startup/business description,
  • • et cetera.

If you feel your startup is interesting enough for it to join our community then hit on the "Next" button to start building up its Localmote profile.

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