Quensus provides enterprise water management solutions to protect buildings from water damage and to protect the bottom line by saving up to 60% on bills.

Using a mix of expertise and technology, we offer real-time water monitoring, reports, leak notifications, and automatic shutoff for all areas of a building, making them leak-free and drastically reducing bills anywhere, anytime.

By saving water, we can prevent damage, save money, and conserve our most precious resource at the same time.

This is the goal of Quensus. This is intelligent water management.

How much are you spending on leaks?

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Strelley Hall, Main St, Strelley, Nottingham NG8 6PE, UK

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  United Kingdom


Managing Director at Quensus : Dan Simmons

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Contact Person: Dan Simmons, Managing Director at Quensus
Strelley Hall, Main St, Strelley, Nottingham NG8 6PE, UK
  United Kingdom

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