Kimberlite partners

Kimberlite Partners

In the current subscription economy, everyone is looking for the diamonds of additional ARR, higher renewals, increased stickiness, and higher satisfaction with their installed base.

Kimberlite Partners, named after the rock most sought after for its diamond content, was formed to help Software Providers and Solution Providers find these subscription diamonds.

With a deep understanding of how to turn professional Services into ARR through Managed Application Consulting (MAC) offerings, Kimberlite Partners will provide the skills to develop, execute, manage, and deliver your MAC solution through a combination of consulting, system solutions, and a white label delivery team.

Services range from MAC Evaluation to a turnkey MAC-in-a-Box.

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2074 Newport Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, USA

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  United States


Founder & General Manager of Kimberlite Partners : Todd Fitzwater

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Kimberlite Partners


Contact Person: Todd Fitzwater, Founder & General Manager of Kimberlite Partners
2074 Newport Ave, San Jose, CA 95125, USA
  United States

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